The Top 3 Factors Affecting Home Affordability Today

If you're in the market for a new home, you're probably wondering how much house you can actually afford. After all, no one wants to end up house-poor, struggling to make ends meet each month. The good news is that there are a number of factors that affect affordability, and by understanding them, you can better determine how much house you can actually afford. Here are the top three factors affecting home affordability today.

1. Location, Location, Location
One of the biggest factors affecting home affordability is location. Simply put, homes in certain areas are going to cost more than homes in other areas. If you want to live in a big city with a high cost of living, you're going to have to pay more for your home than if you lived in a smaller town or rural area. Of course, this isn't always possible or desirable, but it's something to keep in mind when budgeting for your new home.

2. The Size of the Home
The size of the home is another important factor affecting affordability. A larger home is going to cost more than a smaller home, all else being equal. But square footage isn't the only thing that matters—the number of bedrooms and bathrooms also play a role in determining the price of a home. So if you're looking for a more affordable option, consider downsizing to a smaller home or one with fewer bedrooms and bathrooms.

3. The Age of the Home
Another factor that can affect affordability is the age of the home. Older homes are often more affordable than newer ones, but they may also come with increased maintenance costs. So if you're looking at an older home, be sure to factor in the cost of any necessary repairs or renovations before making an offer. By understanding these three factors, you can better determine how much house you can actually afford without stretching your budget too thin. Happy house hunting!

When budgeting for your new home, be sure to take into account location, size, and age—all important factors affecting affordability today. Keep these things in mind as you shop around for your perfect new abode, and happy house hunting!

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